The Biomass industry has brought a diverse range of products to be handled, chicken waste, dried sewage, wood pellet fines, to name a few we have been involved with, our powder filtering expertise and product range offer you material handling and environmental solutions within this industry.

Typical Applications

  • Conveyor transfer points
  • Bulk lorry tipping stations
  • Pneumatic conveying venting

Manufacturing Standards:
ATEX regulations, explosion relieve




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Bag Tip Filters

Case Studies

Special Food Filter PDF –
Venting Filter Filter PDF –
Special Filter PDF –


Explosion Protection of Small Vessel

Explosion Protection of Small Vessel

Dustcheck has always complied with the state of the art knowledge and legislation, and provided explosion protection, where it is justified.

Filter being cleaned

Filter Cleaning Process

Efficient cleaning needs research, our cleaning systems match the filter elements ensuring optimum operating conditions for air volume, energy and element life.