Industrial Dust Control and Air Filtration Solutions

Dustcheck service the manufacturing industry in all areas of air filtration and associated legislative environmental control, in all aspects of production and materials handling.

We have the expertise and products to offer an innovative cost effective solution for any stage of a production facility. The requirement could be for a filtration part of a production process, i.e. conveying, milling, weighing, etc. or it could be an environmental requirement to maintain legislative standards.

This section of our website illustrates the many areas of industry where dust control is essential, usually to the production itself, the environment and more often the staff having to operate in that area. Whether medicines manufacture, food production, grain transfer, rock crushing, biomass activity or any one of hundreds of manufacturing processes, Dustcheck will have the answer!




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Case Studies

Explosion Protection of Small Vessel

Explosion Protection of Small Vessel

Dustcheck has always complied with the state of the art knowledge and legislation, and provided explosion protection, where it is justified.
Filter being cleaned

Filter Cleaning Process

Efficient cleaning needs research, our cleaning systems match the filter elements ensuring optimum operating conditions for air volume, energy and element life.