Take ‘control’ of your filters. How does our controller work?

Whether you have our Delta P or Non-Delta P controller to manage the cleaning function on your dust extraction and air filtration units, we have put together three short films that will demonstrate how to programme them both:

1. The Non-Delta P controller is our standard sequence controller which has eight functions – seven of which can be set by the user.
2. This is our sequence controller with a differential pressure (Delta P) control facility. This controller has thirteen functions – with twelve that have parameters that can be user set.
3. This shows the voltage and wiring set up for both controllers.


Our filtration units are fitted with controllers to control the time at which compressed air is released into either a wing or jet cleaning system to clean the filter elements.

Standard sequence controllers (Non-Delta P) are pre-set to clean at set intervals whereas our Delta P controllers only clean once the differential pressure within your filtration unit reaches a certain pre-determined level.


Differential Pressure Illustration

What is differential pressure?

Differential pressure is the difference in pressure between the product (dirty) side and the clean side of your filter. Our Delta P controller will measure the resistance to airflow between the two sections by measuring the pressure difference within your unit. When your filter unit is no longer operating at its most efficient when there is too much resistance to airflow because of the dust on your filter elements, it will ‘clean’ the filter elements off using compressed air.

What are the benefits of using a Delta P controller?

The main benefit is the saving of compressed air that is used. As a Delta P controller means that cleaning only takes place when needed as opposed to cleaning at a set interval your compressed air use is usually reduced. This saves energy and money.

It also means that your unit will run more efficiently. A filter requires a certain amount of dust to be on the filter elements to ensure effective filtration. In essence, the ‘filter cake’ that builds up enhances filter effectiveness. This will keep your machinery running longer and reduces wear and tear caused by less effective filtration. Less frequent cleaning will will also reduce wear on the cleaning components and filter elements which means you will need to replace your filter elements less often.

The filter cake also enhances the quality of air coming through the filter and means emissions can be reduced too.


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