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Vessel Venting

Filters for mounting on vessels, which are fed with dry powders causing air displacement.

Vessel Venting Filters allow the displaced air to flow through the filter, trapping particulate to allow clean air to be vented, the filtered particulate is returned to the vessel via an automatic reverse jet cleaning system, thus ensuring a self maintained unit allowing continuous venting.

Vessel Venting FilterVessel Venting FilterVessel Venting Filter

The Vessel Venting Filter is a compact unit designed to vent small air volumes, efficiently replacing the old ‘floppy sock’.

Please see below a selection of vessel venting data sheets available for download.

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Product Range

ModelFilter areasData Sheet
Vesvent 120series0.3 to 1.6m²D24
Vesvent 160series2.2m²D177
Vesvent 328series3.7 to 13m²D15



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Dust Control Product
Dust Control Product



Explosion Protection of Small Vessel

Explosion Protection of Small Vessel

Dustcheck has always complied with the state of the art knowledge and legislation, and provided explosion protection, where it is justified.
Filter being cleaned

Filter Cleaning Process

Efficient cleaning needs research, our cleaning systems match the filter elements ensuring optimum operating conditions for air volume, energy and element life.