The Mekabag series of mechanical shake dust collector units offer a cost effective solution for intermittent applications and where the dust is relatively free flowing.

The unit uses a ‘multipocket’ bag filter element which is cleaned via a shaker bar coupled to a side mounted motor unit. This is interlocked into the main fan control, such that it only operates when the fan is switched off. This is termed ‘off-line’ cleaning and has to be done when the fan is not running.

Although medias are available for all applications, the units should only be considered on intermittent applications and are not well suited to continuous production type processes. Designed for small to medium applications.

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  • Rugged carbon steel painted construction – stainless steel available
  • Filter area from 7 to 77m2
  • Dirty side element removal
  • Fan and shaker motor cleaning control supplied loose or pre-wired to unit
  • Standard collection bin – bin liner facility available
  • Support legs for free standing applications
  • Integral fansets mounted in acoustically lined enclosure
  • Differential pressure gauge/switch available
  • ATEX options
  • Increased capacity bins for low bulk density products (wood shavings etc.)


  • Low cost solution for intermittent applications and low whole of life cost
  • Eliminates production area contamination saving on man hours and production downtime
  • High efficiency and low emissions to atmosphere and guarantees air quality – protects personnel and ensures compliance with COSHH and EPA regulations