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  • Features

    • Rugged carbon steel painted construction – stainless steel available
    • Filter area from 7 to 77m2
    • Dirty side element removal
    • Fan and shaker motor cleaning control supplied loose or pre-wired to unit
    • Standard collection bin – bin liner facility available
    • Support legs for free standing applications
    • Integral fansets mounted in acoustically lined enclosure
    • Differential pressure gauge/switch available
    • ATEX options
    • Increased capacity bins for low bulk density products (wood shavings etc.)
  • Advanatages

    • Low cost solution for intermittent applications and low whole of life cost
    • Eliminates production area contamination saving on man hours and production downtime
    • High efficiency and low emissions to atmosphere and guarantees air quality – protects personnel and ensures compliance with COSHH and EPA regulations


ModelFilter AreasData Sheet
Mekabag7 to 76.6m² D9