Why our filter cartridges can help keep the food industry moving

One of the main risks to employee health within food manufacturing facilities is the quality of the air - this is due to the nature of common processes including tipping, mixing, grinding and milling.

Whilst it is vital to specify and install the correct equipment to keep factory air contaminant free - regular maintenance of equipment and replacing consumable parts is just as important.

Filter cartridges in your dust control equipment are integral to the smooth running of your production line and need replacing when they become blinded.  A well maintained and correctly functioning machine means our filter cartridges will effectively remove dust for up to 3000-5000 production hours.

Clean filters are integral to:

  • Protecting employees from airborne contaminants
  • Reducing dust egress into the production environment and preventing machinery breakdowns
  • Reducing housekeeping by keeping the environment dust free
  • Avoiding cross contamination and improving product quality
  • Improving your product yield by keeping your equipment moving

Extensive experience in the food industry 

Filtermist can adapt the designs of its Dustcheck branded filter range to meet the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) hygiene requirements of the food industry and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in the food industry.

Our team provides dust control solutions for all aspects of food and beverage production and packing. We can supply venting and extraction for typical applications including sieving and ingredient dispensing, conveying, blending, bulk silo filling

Know your filters.

Filtermist has over 50 years’ experience in the Dust Control and Filtration industry. We know our filters. Our dedicated team will always ensure we specify the right product and media for your process.

Dustcheck cartridges have efficiencies as high as 99.995%, and are all high quality, high performance filter cartridges.

Visit Dustcheck's website for more information on available materials and sizes. 


Conical Technology

Dustcheck’s unique conical filters offer clear advantages in comparison to cylindrical designs. The conical shape improves the performance of a system with only minimal effort and overall, your whole of life costs will be lowered:

  • Better product release
  • Lower product re-entrainment
  • Uniform cleaning over complete element
  • Lower dust load onto elements
  • Improved cleaning action extends life

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