We’ve got your shutdown maintenance covered

For many manufacturing businesses closing factories and production lines is a perfect time to ensure your equipment is operating safely and efficiently -  if your business is operating a seasonal shut down we can help your team with essential maintenance and repairs of your industrial ventilation equipment.

Our team of P601/02 qualified engineers are on hand throughout December to visit your site and provide routine and reactive maintenance, and thorough examination and testing (TExT) of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) systems - giving you the confidence that you can continue to protect your workforce from hazardous airborne contaminants, and operate in compliance with relevant HSE regulations.

All industrial air filtration and extraction equipment performs best with regular preventative maintenance. Benefits include increased efficiency, less production downtime and reduced costs.

Our skilled engineers can carry out internal and external inspections of all of your LEV equipment, checking for cracks, defects and poor filtration. Our team can also review your process and by referring back to your original commissioning reports can ensure the system is still operating as well as it was the day it was installed. If it’s not operating at its best then our engineers can identify faults and recommend and implement changes to get your equipment back on top form.

“On a service visit from one of our team if a problem with the system is identified we will check over all of the equipment to identify the fault,” says Carl Latham, Divisional Sales Director (Aftermarket) for Filtermist Systems.

“They will look at wearable parts, noting things like vibration from fans, impeller alignment and worn down motors or bearings, as well as ductwork issues and poor filtration.” Carl added.

For a lot of manufacturing processes a full production shut down can be unusual and is the perfect time to check your system. We will look for:

  • Cracks, defects and poor filtration from your filter unit
  • Dust bypass from a process – is your dust getting into places it really shouldn’t be?
  • Blinded, burst or cracked filter cartridges and bags
  • Duct issues such as a faulty swarf arrestor, blockages or defects
  • Fan efficiency – looking at the rotators, unusual vibrations, alignment and impeller issues
  • Operation of other auxiliary parts on your equipment such as shaker motors, drums and bearings

We can also calibrate differential pressure gauges, digital screens and ensure visual indicators, such as the F Monitor and F Monitor 2 used on Filtermist’s oil mist filters, are operating correctly.

Our servicing and maintenance support is available as a one off visit or we can offer a more cost effective Service Programme called ATLAS.

With no unexpected bills and no unnecessary admin, and service packages for oil mist, dust, fume & spray LEV Systems, ATLAS offers:

  • Free site surveys
  • Monthly, quarterly or annual payment options
  • Contract terms of 12, 24 or 36 months
  • Regular COSHH compliant LEV Tests
  • Digital job reports – less paperwork, easy to file and find when needed
  • Approved spares for a wide range of makes and models of oil mist extraction equipment
  • Skilled, experienced engineers including SPA accredited Service Engineers
  • UK wide service
  • Service packages for oil mist, dust, fume & spray LEV Systems



You can talk to our team today to find out how we can support you this month and for the rest of the year by calling 01952 290500.

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