Brand refreshes for Kerstar and Dustcheck

In addition to Filtermist's core product range of compact oil mist filters, our Telford based production department also manufactures the Dustcheck brand of dust control and dust extraction equipment, and Kerstar industrial vacuum cleaners.

Both of these brands have long histories having been manufactured in the UK for 40+ and 60+ years respectively, but the recent rebranding of our parent company Absolent Air Care Group provided an ideal opportunity to overhaul some of the Group's logos, including Dustcheck and Kerstar.

The results are two fresh, modern logos that more accurately reflect both brands' market positions and the integral part they are set to play in the future of Absolent Air Care Group.

Director of Group Marketing, Lydia Barber, elaborates, "This project was very much a case of evolution, not revolution. Both logos have retained their corporate colours, but benefited from more modern fonts being used to bring them up to date.

"Graphical devices based on key brand attributes have been used in both logos: the lines in the Dustcheck logo depict particulate going in and clean air coming out - which is what Dustcheck products deliver, whilst the Kerstar logo has retained its integral star which has been stylised and placed inside the text to represent Kerstar's 'built in quality'.

"Brands and businesses evolve, and as logos are the most visible element of a brand's identity it's really important to review every now and again to check that they accurately represent the brand and its market positioning.

"A cursory look at the evolution of the Google and eBay logos are testimony to the importance of this. What suits a start-up isn't necessarily right for an established, mature market leader.

"We'll be showcasing both of these new logos at the MACH show next year and we are currently working on a new Kerstar website which is due to be launched next month - watch this space for details!"



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