Dustcheck Wet Collectors to be showcased at MACH 2022

Filtermist Systems Limited is gearing up to showcase a host of clean air innovations that have been introduced during the forced four-year interval between the last MACH exhibition and the upcoming show in April.

The Telford based company is heading to MACH 2022 with a simple message for manufacturers…everything required to create and maintain ‘clean air’ working environments can now be accessed in one place - making it easy to protect people from exposure to harmful airborne contaminants and ensure compliance with Health and Safety Executive (HSE) regulations.

Dustcheck wet and dry dust collectors

In addition to its market leading UK manufactured centrifugal oil mist filters, the company will be showcasing a range of new products as CEO James Stansfield elaborates:

“Dustcheck was a relatively new addition to Filtermist’s product portfolio back in 2018 – fast forward four years and the brand is thriving. We acquired the rights to manufacture Carter Wet Dust Collectors (also known as Wet Scrubbers) back in 2019 and have since reorganised to include this range in the product offering from Dustcheck.

“Dustcheck’s Wet Dust Collectors use water and air pressure to ‘scrub’ dust from the air. Wet Dust Collectors send the dust through a water spray then, using gravity, dust is separated from the water and the dust can be removed. Dustcheck’s range can be used on metal finishing applications such as grinding, finishing and fettling, where the materials used could include aluminium, titanium, magnesium etc. which may present a fire or explosion risk. We offer four models of wet collector, the most popular of which is the NonFlam Series.

“The Dustcheck brand also includes dry dust collectors which are popular in the metal industry. These include venting and extraction solutions for applications including grinding, bulk silo venting, foundry shake out, casting and polishing.”

Kerstar industrial vacuum cleaners

Kerstar was another 2019 acquisition made by Filtermist. Kerstar industrial vacuums have been manufactured in the UK for more than 60 years and are a firm favourite in a wide range of industries. The product range includes ATEX certified modelsType H machines which are suitable for hazardous dusts, and Swarf and Coolant Vacuums widely used in the metalworking industry.

Vacuuming at source reduces the risk of injury caused by manual clean down and helps to protect machine operators from irritation, rashes and dermatitis which can be common amongst people exposed to metalworking fluids.

A KSV 45/2 W will be on show at MACH. This model is specifically designed to pick up engineering coolant (suds) and metal chippings.

The motor unit is protected by a ball float system to cut off the suction - preventing over filling of the canister with liquid. The

float cage is surrounded with a perforated steel filter to prevent swarf being sucked into the vacuum motors. A perforated steel basket that holds the metal chippings/swarf sits inside the canister and a lifting handle makes it easy to remove for emptying, whilst a drain hose and stopper enable all liquid to easily be drained from the canister.

The KEVA range from Kerstar is also a valuable addition to many workplaces – particularly those that generate potentially hazardous dusts such as companies involved in additive manufacturing.

KEVA vacuums are purposely designed to pick up potentially explosive and conductive dust and debris in a Gas Zone 2 and Dust Zone 22, as well as dust and debris that is hazardous to health in a Gas Zone 2 and a Dust Zone 22. All models are built using an electronically commutated brushless motor featuring soft start and thermal protection.

Each model in the range is equipped with three stages of filtration on the negative pressure (suction) side of the motor.

Manufactured by Filtermist

All Dustcheck and Kerstar products are manufactured at Filtermist’s Telford HQ and both brands have recently undergone a refresh to help cement their positions in their respective markets. Kerstar has also just launched a brand-new website and finalised the move of production from its previous base in Northampton to Filtermist’s Telford HQ.


In addition to introducing new products, Filtermist has also reorganised its Aftersales department to ensure customers benefit from the best customer service possible. Dedicated teams look after oil mist and dust customers to ensure they remain COSHH compliant, as Jo Morris, Director of Group Shared Services, explains; “Fitting effective extraction is vital, but COSHH regulations also stipulate that anyone using LEV systems is legally required to maintain them and have them thoroughly tested and examined at least once every 14 months by a competent person. As a business, we are continuing to invest heavily in external qualifications to ensure our employees have the knowledge and skills they need to deliver a first-class service to all of our customers.”

“The past four years have been extremely busy and we’re confident that both existing and potential customers will value the full offering we provide to UK manufacturing and engineering firms,” concludes James.

“Creating a ‘clear air’ workshop has so many more benefits than just meeting legislation. It has been proven to improve morale and increase productivity, whilst also reducing staff sickness. MACH is one of our biggest shows and we’re delighted to be presenting the full Filtermist range to an industry that needs to take more strides towards delivering cleaner factory and production facilities.

“Our turnkey solution gives customers a simple way of accessing the latest technology and the unrivalled might that comes with being part of Absolent Air Care Group. That’s a pretty powerful combination and this is reflected in continuing demand for our offer from customers throughout the UK.”

Visit Filtermist on Stand 430, Hall 6 at MACH at the NEC from 4th-8th April.

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