Throwback Thursday #TBT: Case study still relevant ten years on.

It’s ten years since Process Industry Informer published a story on Dustcheck’s installation at Norcros Adhesives in Stoke-on-Trent but the message is still just as relevant today.

Dustcheck supplies a leading range of cartridge and bag filter products to the dust control industry and is widely recognised as a leading innovator; consistently developing new technology for specific applications across multiple manufacturing sectors.

Dustcheck had been approached by Norcros when it became apparent that although Norcros’ manufacturing processes had improved and changed, their existing dust extraction and filtration equipment at the time was no longer fit for purpose.

Dustcheck looked at the long-term needs for the customer including ‘future proofing’, which is an aspect always considered with Dustcheck’s designs, in this case Norcros’ future requirements were accounted for which allowed potential for expansion in its mixing and packaging areas.

The new centralised dust extraction system was required to capture and collect dust from mixers, weigh hoppers and filling machines and also contained the additional capacity for future expansion.

“Dustcheck products have always been designed to not only meet the current needs of the customer but also to anticipate future expansion and potential legislative changes. Our knowledgeable team still work with the same ethos ten years on, with a flexible product range to suit virtually all requirements,“ explains Dustcheck Product Manager Andy Darby.

“Our recent product developments with our AirGuard and ProGuard ranges have have meant now offer products that are modular in design; enabling improved stock-holding capabilities and should help to lower lead times for our customers. It also means we can offer increased flexibility without the sacrifice of extended engineering and manufacturing times.

“Our group-wide modular design concept will, in the near future, be applied to the other products within our portfolio such as large cartridge dust collectors and tubular bag filters,” he added.

Read the full Norcros case study on Process Industry Informer’s website.

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