Efficient cleaning systems provide optimum overall performance

Dustcheck products are not only selected to offer the most suitable filter type for your application, but also match this with the most efficient cleaning system to provide optimum overall performance. The filter cleaning system must function efficiently to maintain consistent air flow and low pressure drop, resulting in optimised process dust control and environmental safety.

Continuous Cleaning

Dustcheck systems use compressed air to remove the particulate from the outer surface of the filter and maintain even airflow during the whole operation of the system.


Jet cleaning is a high energy ‘back flushing’ system using compressed air and operating at 5-6 Bar g pressure. The injection of air down the centre of each filter element dislodges filtered dust which is then either returned to the process or collected separately depending on filter type. Specifically designed jet nozzles matched to the geometry of each filter element type, enable optimisation of the compressed air pulse to maximise cleaning efficiency.


Rotor cleaning systems operate between 3-4 Bar g and include a damper to automatically isolate the individual filter element that is being cleaned. This has the benefit of allowing the filter unit to clean ‘off-line’ without stopping the extraction system or production process. It is also ideal for low bulk density dusts where re-entrainment can be an issue. The force of the compressed air spins the cleaning nozzles inside each filter element with compressed air ejected from multiple holes down the length of each rotor arm. This lower pressure, off-line cleaning system can extend filter element life and offers quiet operation.

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