CFC from Dustcheck - now redesigned with modular features to give you more choice

The Dustcheck CFC Series is a range of static in-line protection filters designed to provide protection in dust laden air conveying processes. The rugged carbon steel or stainless steel construction is typically fitted downstream of a primary filter unit or used as a stand-alone in-line filter for protection of vacuum pumps, or negative pressure conveying systems to prevent costly breakdowns or prevent emissions to atmosphere in the event of a primary filter fault.

The CFC range has recently been redesigned and is now available with modular features such as standardised inlet and outlet connections, adaptable orientations, universal supports to suit individual site conditions and moveable pressure gauge positions – giving you more choice on configurations for your process.

It is also available with an optional 'safe change' (bag in / bag out) filter change for use where toxic or sensitive dusts are filtered (e.g. pharmaceutical applications) or where general protection of operators from dust exposure is required.

Protect your people

The CFC Series protection filters can be applied to any process where high quality air is required, but is particularly well suited to food and pharmaceutical industries.

Dust that is produced as a result of food production can also have serious effects on the health of your employees. Exposure to dust can cause serious skin conditions and even occupational asthma in cases where flour dust is breathed in for example.

Chemicals and minerals being processed in the pharmaceutical industry can pose a risk if they escape into the atmosphere. There may be steroids, hormones or narcotics in use and if the operator is exposed to them – by breathing them or touching them, it can cause adverse side effects such as respiratory illness, skin reactions and other physiological effects.

Our inline protection filters are rated up to HEPA H13/14 efficiency. They are often referred to as secondary or guard filters and can be used as a back up to a primary venting filter where products are potentially toxic or have strictly controlled Workplace Exposure Limits – or where the air is to be recirculated into the production environment.

The HSE sets a long-term Workplace Exposure Limit for every industry and a full list can be found on the HSE website. Breaching of these standards can result in severe penalties, loss of productivity due to employee sickness and even legal action. For small or large food manufacturers, looking after employee health by reducing dust exposure is vitally important.

CFC Features

  • Filter area from 5 to 20m²
  • Units can be banked together for higher air volume requirements
  • Suitable for high vacuum pressure applications
  • Filter medias to suit all applications and products
  • Modular construction for adaptability
  • Filter efficiencies up to H14 HEPA class
  • Carbon steel painted or stainless steel construction
  • Weatherproof as standard
  • Suitable for ATEX applications
  • Optional safe change filter removal / replacement

CFC Advantages

  • Prevents emissions to atmosphere and guarantees air quality – to ensure compliance with COSHH and EPA regulations
  • Minimal maintenance, reduces housekeeping, downtime and saves money
  • High efficiency – protects environment and personnel

 Manufactured by Filtermist

Filtermist Limited manufactures dust control equipment that utilises either media-based filtration or liquid separation under the Dustcheck brand – one of very few UK manufacturers that can offer both solutions. This means we are not restricted by a limited product range and are able to specify the optimal solution for any application.

For more information on any of the Dustcheck branded products visit or click here to enquire.

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