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Venting Filters

Venting filters return product back into the system, reducing waste and cutting costs. Dustcheck’s range are self-maintaining and available in rectangular or circular construction for cleanside and dirtyside removal, horizontal and vertical mounting ensures the most flexible economic technical solution.

Venting FilterVenting FilterVenting Filter

The range is typically applied to receiving vessels, positive and vacuum pneumatic conveying systems, rotary valve venting, mixers, grinders, weighers, bag tip stations, conveyor transfer points, even made into dust collectors. Our system and product knowledge will guide you to the most efficient solution. Options include weather proof, outlet spigot, fan assisted, upstand and ATEX rated.

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Product Range

ModelFilter areasData Sheet
Ventmatic 120 series1 to 96m²D10, 52, 76, 99, 187, 188198203211212213214
Ventmatic 160 series15 to 343m²D160
SFEB Ventmatic Series2.8 to 36m²D154

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Venting Filters
Venting Filters
Venting Filters
Venting Filters




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Venting Filters –

Case Studies

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Explosion Protection of Small Vessel

Explosion Protection of Small Vessel

Dustcheck has always complied with the state of the art knowledge and legislation, and provided explosion protection, where it is justified.
Filter being cleaned

Filter Cleaning Process

Efficient cleaning needs research, our cleaning systems match the filter elements ensuring optimum operating conditions for air volume, energy and element life.