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Why Dustcheck?

Our solution

Our team has the expertise to guide you through your purchase every step of the way. Our quality control process begins as soon as an order is placed ensuring you receive the best solution, made by the best people and to a high standard – every time.

The Dustcheck Dust Collector range has evolved over 40 years and is installed in thousands of projects ranging from individual extraction points, to large multi-point systems. Our technical team are continually looking at specifications and ensuring our products are the best they can be.

Dust can be any material. Some will be hazardous to health, some will be toxic, and some may be explosive. Whatever the dust type, and no matter how much dust you generate, we will have a solution that will fit your specific requirement.

Dust Collectors separate the dust and return clean air to either the workspace or an external outlet. The dust is then collected in a bin or a bag, ready to be disposed of safely. Alternative arrangements can be made if the dust is to be transported to a different location.

When specifying cartridge or bag dust collectors, the type of dust you’re generating will require a specific media (material) to ensure it can handle the characteristics of your dust (be it fine, moist, sticky, dense, heavy, hot or at extremes of the Ph. spectrum, etc). A ‘one size fits all’ approach cannot be applied to all applications. We therefore select a cartridge or bag filter format to suit, regardless of dust load.

Alternatively we also offer wet dust collectors (often known as wet scrubbers) that use water and air pressure to ‘scrub’ dust from the air. Wet Dust Collectors send the dust through a water spray, then using gravity, dust is separated from the water and the dust can be removed.

Materials to suit the job

Our Dust Collector Ranges are designed to meet the needs of most processes. Each Filter Unit can be adapted in size to fit the planning-in space you have available. Our Filters are designed and built by us (and only us) meaning we can offer an array of materials and finishes to meet your needs. Rugged, painted carbon steel is our design standard but we can also offer stainless steel, galvanized and electro plating for weatherproof options and we can offer a number of paint finishes including marine standard.

Our dry dust collectors can utilise both bag and cartridge type filter elements. Dependent on the application requirement we can offer both types in a range of formats, be that tubular sock, flat pad, deep pleat or shallow open pleat.

Our Cartridge elements offer advantages of compact design, higher efficiency and have a higher surface area per element compared with bag filters. The cartridge element fixing method also makes for faster and easier maintenance.

Cartridge elements allow us to design much more compact machines – offering savings of up to 50% in footprint area. This can be a significant advantage in congested production environments.

Each type of filter element has its own strengths and we would work with you to ensure the correct solution.

Save on ‘whole of life’ costs

Dustcheck’s Dust Collectors save you money, energy and time. Our efficient filters will help cut down on housekeeping tasks as your workspace will be dust free. Our Differential Pressure Controllers can automatically select when filters are cleaned to save you money on compressed air usage and their design makes maintenance hassle free and fast – saving you production time and saving you money.