Filtermist manufactures process filters and dust control equipment that utilises either media-based filtration or liquid separation under the Dustcheck brand. As one of very few UK manufacturers that can offer both solutions, we are not restricted by a limited product range and are able to specify the optimal solution for your application.

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Acting as one source for all of your dust and fume extraction solutions, Dustcheck gives you the peace of mind knowing you can provide your customers with the right equipment for their application – ensuring their project will be right first time.

Choosing the right equipment requires expertise, knowledge and experience due to the multiple design considerations for each individual application and varying characteristics of dusts that need to be captured. The expert team at Dustcheck is perfectly positioned to specify the most appropriate solution for the dust control requirements of all its clients.

We have worked with OEMs and resellers since 1978 and we understand the need to source equipment that can be integrated into your full system. Many of our standard products can be manufactured quickly to meet your budget and tight deadlines - giving you peace of mind that you can meet your client’s requirements.

Where you need a more tailored solution, our standard range can be adapted to provide a bespoke product for integration with any project; and we can offer customisable designs too, with all our units available in customer-specified RAL colours.

Our bespoke solutions mean you are providing the right equipment for your customer’s needs – ensuring minimal breakdowns and maintaining optimal performance to keep their production line running better for longer – and all of our equipment is manufactured in the UK meaning you and your customers can benefit from technical support direct from us.

Our team are also experts in cartridge filter selection, and we can supply a huge range to suit individual applications - having the unique advantage of being able to offer different pleat formats and pleat depths, as well as the filter media itself. This enables us to select the correct format for the application and gives us the ability to confidently provide an optimum solution where others may have to risk a compromised offering due to their limited range.

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If you would like to speak to the team to find out what we can offer for your next project call us on 01952 290500 or email