The Silovent Series is a high quality, cost effective reverse jet cleaning venting filter designed specifically for the venting of bulk storage silos being filled pneumatically via a road tanker or land based blower unit.

The weatherproof, rugged carbon steel, galvanized and electro plated construction makes the unit virtually maintenance free. It includes a simple element retaining method with no removable parts for easy and safe filter removal via a hinged weather cowl complete with retaining latch.

The compact design can also use the 160mm two piece conical cartridge to reduce replacement costs. It is extremely competitively priced and where suitable, it can also be applied to other venting type applications.

The fan assisted version gives ‘forced aspiration’ to negate positive pressure issues in some silos.

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  • Integral filter body
  • Filter area from 21.0 to 24.5m2
  • Simple element retaining method with no removable parts
  • ATEX rated as standard
  • Up to +/- 0.5 Bar(g) operating pressure rating
  • 1 Bar(g) pressure shock resistant (PSR) as standard (2 Bar(g) PSR available on request)
  • Optional stainless steel construction (all grades)
  • Differential pressure (clean on demand) controller options
  • Other silo venting filters available within the Dustcheck range


  • Minimal maintenance requirements – saves on man hours and money
  • Reliable operation and long filter life with easy element replacement reduces downtime
  • High efficiency and low emissions to atmosphere and guarantees air quality – to ensure compliance with COSHH and EPA regulations
  • Conical filter technology for enhanced cleaning – prolongs life of the filter