The Dustcheck ProGuard (clean section only) and ProGuard Plus (clean section and filter body) are an extremely compact and versatile automatic reverse jet cleaned range of venting filters, designed to capture and remove particulates from air entering a bulk handling process; to protect people, the environment and internal work spaces.

Using state of the art cartridge technology along with matching cleaning systems, the range offers optimal filtration performance, low energy consumption, extended filter life and most importantly, delivery of clean, filtered air.

The range is capable of handling high dust loads and offers significant environmental and technical advantages compared to conventional filter systems.

Our ledge-free, circular design provides hygienic capture and filtration of particulates which lends the range particularly well to food and pharmaceutical type applications.

The inherent strength of the circular design also makes this range ideal for high vacuum pressure systems and is available as ATEX certified versions .

We understand the need for simple and easy maintenance and the ergonomic design enables the equipment to be used and maintained as easily as possible. Our electronic controllers are user-friendly and mounted in optimal positions for operators; hybrid access doors provide both hinged or lift-off ingress to the filter chamber; and a tool free filter element interface makes filter changing simple.

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  • Rugged, weatherproof carbon steel painted dark grey matt RAL7043 or optional stainless steel construction (various grades and finishes)
  • Filter area from 6.4 to 57.6m2
  • Fan assisted options
  • -0.5 to + 0.5 Bar(g) operating pressure rating
  • Up to 1 Bar(g) pressure shock resistant (PSR) as standard
  • Differential pressure (clean on demand) feature as standard for low energy consumption and extended filter element life
  • ATEX options


  • Guaranteed air quality for protection of personnel and both internal and external environments
  • High efficiency and low emissions ensure compliance with COSHH and EPA regulations
  • High operating vacuum and pressure suitability
  • Hygienic design
  • Conical filter technology and matched cleaning systems for enhanced operation – prolongs life of the filter elements
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