Conical v’s Parallel Filter Cartridge Technology

You’ve probably heard us banging on about the benefits of Conical Filter Cartridge technology:

  • They give better cleaning efficiency
  • You can maintain low differential pressure and maintain extraction rates
  • Your unit will require less maintenance
  • You extend the life of your cartridges
  • The overall ‘whole of life’ cost is lower

Well now we want to show you just how it works. Take a look at our one-minute animation and find out why we choose to fit conical filter cartridges most of the time:

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A star-pleated dust filter cartridge is used to separate very fine particles from air and gases in nearly all industries. Cylindrical or conical cartridges can be offered as standard but our cartridge’s conical shape offers clear advantages in comparison to cylindrical designs.


  • 30% larger surface means better dust sedimentation
  • Uniform cleaning all the way down to the bottom of the cartridge
  • Higher mechanical strength in a more compact system
  • Lower filter surface load due to the reduced inflow velocity
  • Improved cleaning action extends the cartridge life 



Upstream velocity in dirty side area V = 1200 m³/h, 8 cartridges, diameter of filter housing 530 mm








x = Distance to the bottom end cap in mm y = Velocity in m/s – Cylindrical cartridge Conical cartridge

Cylindrical Cartridge

Conical Cartridge

The conical design of the cartridge shows a high reduction of the upstream velocity in the area of the bottom end-cap. Through it, the element is much better to clean off, especially in the case of a light dust. The dust can sediment better.


V = 1200 m³/h, diameter of housing 530 mm

Cartridge diameter in mm120120115
Cartridge designconicalcylindricalcylindrical
ConnectionRD 72RD 72RD 60
Filter area per cartridge in m²1.61.61.3
Filter area complete in m²12.812.810.4
Filter surface load in m/min1.561.561.92
Free area in %825962
Velocity between bottom end caps in m/s1.842.562.42
Velocity on top end cap (RD connection) in m/s7.157.1514.75
Volume, clean side, cartridge in l3.236.083.63

This demonstrates the following advantages:

  • High capacity (approx. 19 % more filter surface in comparison to cylindrical cartridges with diameter 115 mm)
  • Better dust sedimentation (smaller area of the bottom end caps)
  • More efficient cleaning (lower volume in comparison to the cylindrical cartridge)
  • Less flow resistance (an increased outlet area size at the upper end cap in comparison to cartridges with RD 60 connection)


For more information visit or take a look at our dust filter cartridge animation on YouTube.


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