Reduced energy costs with NonFlam installation

Three NonFlam self-induced wet scrubber dust collectors have been installed at a precision engineers to filter alloy and steel metal dusts.

Extracting from internally located downdraft benches the units have been installed outside, replacing an existing larger unit to reduce energy costs; and with its built in silencer the NonFlam also ensures reduced noise levels for neighbouring properties.

Installed by Filtermist Limited, who manufacture dust extraction equipment under the Dustcheck brand, the installation required new ducting which was designed to ensure the units fit in the customer's specified footprint.

Dustcheck’s NonFlam series was the ideal solution as it is designed to be sited inside or outside (with weather protection) if space is at a premium.

Available in either painted mild steel or stainless steel construction, NonFlam is ideally suited to white metal dust extraction. These units can expertly handle the heavy loading of larger, mechanically generated volumes of dust particles.

The units offer:

  • Volumes ranging from 500m– 10,000m³/h (0.14 m³/s -2.8 m³/s)
  • Mild steel painted, stainless steel and GRP options
  • Self-induced wet scrubbing always providing full extraction
  • Fan set built in with anti-spark option and silencer
  • Weather protection option for outside location
  • Simple eliminator removal for cleaning
  • Easily removable front door for easy access to eliminators, inducer and sludge removal

To find out more about the NonFlam range or any of Dustcheck's other products CLICK HERE to contact Filtermist.

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