Heavy Duty Wet Dust Collectors Installation

Dustcheck Midac EHS170 and EHA200 wet scrubber dust collectors have been installed at an industrial engines manufacturer to filter titanium and aluminium dust from a grinding and linishing process.
The stainless steel units were part of a system upgrade undertaken by Filtermist Limited and required the installation of a larger fan and new bespoke interconnecting ducting. As the site is close to a residential area acoustic enclosures and attenuators were also included to reduce noise levels. Numerous access doors provide full facilities for easy inspection and maintenance and a drain valve is fitted so that the collector may be emptied for more a complete inspection and for cleaning.
Wet dust collectors are recommended when machining reactive white metals, such as aluminium, titanium and magnesium, due to their highly volatile nature. The Dustcheck Midac Series is a heavy duty range of self-induced spray wet collectors designed to filter hazardous metal dust and is able to handle air volumes of 1700 m3/hr up to 20,000 m3/hr.

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