Dustcheck ventmatic series is standard part of the mix for Ingredient Batching Systems

Ingredient Batching Systems is a London-based company which designs, manufactures and installs silos and powder handling equipment, powder storage systems, pneumatic and mechanical conveying systems and associated equipment. The experienced team works with companies in numerous industries which include bakery and confectionary, cereal, dairy and pharmaceutical. The majority of their customers are within the food and pharmaceutical industries, with dust filtration systems needed for both sectors as part of their overall installations.

For the past 25 years the company has exclusively used Dustcheck, now a Filtermist brand, to supply Circular Ventmatic series (SFJC) filtration systems for hundreds of systems which it has installed across the UK and Europe. 

Ventmatic 120 Series (SFJC):

  • Well suited for hygienic applications, therefore popular within food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Suitable for high vacuum and pressure applications
  • Automatic cleaning system for optimal performance and longevity of filter elements
  • Filtered product is returned to collection vessels eliminating product waste
  • Stainless steel (various grades and finishes) construction available along with FDA approved filter media

The filters are used at the top of Ingredient Batching Systems’ silos and receiver vessels, to ensure that air can escape while any dust generated by the pneumatic conveying of product is kept within the vessel itself.

HSE regulations dictate the need for safe working environments; reliable air filter systems mean that companies can be sure machine operators are not breathing in dust and that their factories are operating to their optimum efficiency.

Ingredient Batching Systems’ Managing Director Tim Stewardson said: “The Dustcheck venting filter units are simple but so effective in reducing the pressure build up in the vessel by allowing the air to vent and in doing so eliminating any airborne contaminants that could escape.

“If effective pressure relief doesn’t happen, and with most organic powders being potentially explosive in the right concentrations requiring our receiver vessels to have explosion relief panels installed, these panels would experience fatigue through excess air pressure and fail without reliable air filtration units fitted. This would stop production and also put personnel at risk from breathing the airborne contaminants that would be released from the ruptured explosion panels."

Ingredient Batching Systems also exclusively uses Dustcheck’s dust collectors for centralised dust extraction systems and bag tip stations with integral filtration:

Compact 120 Series Dust Collectors:

·        Extremely compact and versatile reverse jet cleaning dust collectors.

·        Can handle high dust loads.

·        Cost-effective solution.

·        Can be tailored to suit any requirements.

Bag Tip 120 Series:

·        Simple and compact self-contained solution.

·        Effective dust control, as well as operator and production environment protection.

·        A variety of options available for all process requirements.


“Dustcheck provides good service, good products at a good price and great after-sales too. We perform six-monthly service visits for inspection and maintenance, and filtration is part of that. To us it’s essential that the filters work reliably and we know Dustcheck filters do.”

For more information about Ingredient Batching Systems, visit https://ingredientbatchingsystems.com/ - or to find out more about Dustcheck, visit https://www.dustcheck.com/ or call Filtermist's sales team on 01952 290500.

A short animated film about typical Dustcheck filter applications in food processing facilities can be viewed on our Food and Beverage Production industry page.

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